With all the types of concrete available, it can be tough making a decision about what’s right for your family. What color should you go with? How big should you make your structure? Should you add a pattern to it? How about a border?

As residential concrete contractors in New Brighton, our team at Creative Concrete is happy to help you make informed decisions about your concrete project. With the careful research you’ve done and our company's competent professional help, you’re sure to end up with something that serves your family well for decades. That said, a little research never hurts, as it can help you lock in a decision. 

Take a closer look at textured concrete – one of the most common types of concrete for patios, pool decks, driveways, and more. 

Why Personalize Your Concrete With Texture?

While traditional gray is the most common choice, you may not be aware that other color and style options are available. Concrete can look like everything from Belgian slate to old granite and comes in various colors to incorporate your personal style and enhance curb appeal.

The fact is, unstamped and traditional gray isn't always the right choice for everyone, and you can add a personal touch with unique colors like tawny or hazelnut combined with unique stamping to help your home stand out from the rest. 

Textured Concrete vs. Stamped Concrete

On top of attending to your stamped concrete needs, we also work with textured concrete – a similar yet different type of decorative concrete

Stamped concrete can add dimension and beauty to the surface and will be installed in slabs and then finished off with a specific pattern from a large stamp that imprints the concrete before it's fully set. It can mimic surfaces like cobblestone, tile or brick. 

Textured concrete is similar to stamped but has a natural stone look and less uniform finish. Textured concrete and can look more unique because of the irregular design. 

5 Benefits of Textured Concrete

What else is there to know about textured concrete? The benefits, of course! 

1. Undeniably Unique

You’ll wow the neighbors, that’s for sure. Textured concrete stands out among the sea of uniform greys that are the most concrete structures. 

If you’re looking to express your personality or simply gain the envy of a passerby, textured concrete might be a renovation you should consider.

2. Can Mimic More Expensive Materials

Like stamped concrete, textured concrete can resemble slate or stone. Have an idea and want to know if it would work? Just ask us!

3. Tough

At the end of the day, textured concrete is still concrete. Proper maintenance and care ensures that your textured concrete will withstand many potential threats. 

4. Budget Friendly

Textured concrete costs less than other patio options because it removes the need to purchase items like stone and wood or expensive pavers.

5. Low Maintenance 

Your time is money, and you need a low-maintenance option; textured concrete can deliver. It doesn't take a lot of effort to keep it clean or maintained, and a broom, hose, and mop will typically be sufficient.

What Texture of Concrete Is Right for Your Project?

What type of concrete is right for your project? Whether you’re laying pool concrete or a concrete driveway, how your concrete looks and feels is one of the most important project decisions you’ll make. 

The texture of decorative concrete creates the concrete’s unique look, which means it’s worth some thought when planning your installation. 


Decorative concrete is the way to go if you're trying to enhance your curb appeal and make a statement. It's eye-catching and artistic, adding personal style and creative flair to any property. 

Stamped or Textured

Many different styles and designs are available, and stamped or textured concrete works well for individuals who need a highly durable and beautiful aesthetic because it offers a versatile option.


No matter where you place it, colored concrete will offer everything from dramatic to subtle shades to help complement the space. By integrating color, you can transform the area and help recreate the look of different materials like flagstone or slate, creating a beautiful finish.

From a classic, rustic texture to fancier finishes such as wood and stone, how your decorative concrete feels underfoot is a big decision, so choose a professional company to assist you with the process.

Give Good Thought to Grip

Is your project a concrete patio that’s never used in the winter? Or a concrete driveway that needs traction, rain or shine? How much grip your project needs will directly lead you to potential designs. 

For example, you might select a rough finish with a lot of grip-improving grit added for pool concrete, as falling is a very real risk. 

On the other hand, a driveway border that isn’t used in the colder months probably won’t need to feel so bumpy.

Consider the Visual Side of Things

You want your concrete to be eye-catching and accent your home’s style.

The key is to choose a decorative concrete with a stamped or textured pattern that complements the rest of your exterior. Coexistence is vital whether its role is that of your yard’s centerpiece or a relatively smaller accent.

Color Options 

Designs and color interplay quite a bit to complete the finished product. Some finishes are interlaced with light and dark hues, while others are monochromatic. 

Generally speaking, the more complex the texture is, the more colors it will have, and the more it will draw the eye. Consider more intricate designs for a highlight or more unified ones for undertones.

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