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Providing Long-Lasting Concrete Driveways for Homeowners

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A concrete driveway can provide a permanent, durable, and functional aesthetic to your home. A brand new concrete driveway will improve your curb appeal, eliminate yard erosion, and give your family and friends somewhere to park without damaging the grass.

If you’re looking to pour a concrete driveway on your property, call on Creative Concrete. We offer full concrete driveway services for homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area. You can depend on us for efficient service, affordable rates and work of the highest quality anywhere in the area. Our certified contractors have decades of combined industry experience. We can pour concrete driveways to your design specifications.

Our Residential Driveway Concrete Services

New Concrete Installation

If you are building a new home or want to add a driveway to your current property, we can help you design and pour a concrete driveway to your exact specifications. With all the options available for concrete driveways, we can help you get the shape, size, and dimensions just right.

Concrete Replacement

One home improvement project with the highest ROI is a brand new driveway. If your old driveway is filled with cracks, stains, and broken pieces, now is the time to invest in a brand new concrete driveway. We can remove the old concrete and pour a new driveway that looks amazing!

Decorative Driveways

Do you have some ideas for decorating your new driveway? Our team can work with you to create a stunning design that sets your home apart. We want to hear your ideas!

What are the Benefits of a New Concrete Driveway?

The greatest benefit to a new driveway is that it increases the value of your home. Real estate studies suggest that a driveway can add 10% value to your home. Real estate experts also recommend a driveway addition or renovation if you want to drastically improve your curb appeal. A new driveway will last at least 40-50+ years with regular maintenance. Let us help you improve the look of your home!

Concrete Driveway Designs & Additions

  • Stamped Concrete. Have you ever thought about adding some style to your concrete driveway? Yes, it is possible to have a stylish concrete driveway by adding a stamped or textured design  to your project. We can add patterns, borders and textures to the concrete surface that gives your driveway a creative edge. With Creative Concrete, the sky’s the limit!
  • Sidewalks. How would you like to walk straight from your driveway to your front or side door without getting your shoes dirty? With a little more design and effort, we can pour a decorative sidewalk that connects your driveway to any other part of your home.
  • Steps. If you are looking for weather-ready steps that last, then choose concrete steps. We can help you put together a layout that makes it easy for you to climb or descend the steps easily. You choose the dimensions, and we’ll do the rest.

Request a Quote for Concrete Service

If you are looking for a professional concrete service in the Twin Cities metro area, contact Creative Concrete. We can meet with you on-site to discuss your upcoming concrete project. To find out more about our services or schedule a consultation, call us today at 612-414-7932, or you can fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We’ll be in touch right away!

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