Even with concrete successional durability and strength, without the proper care, it will eventually wear down. With the right upkeep, you can keep it looking new for years and decrease the need for repairs.

Whether you have colored, stamped, or traditional concrete, the Creative Concrete team has six things to know about commercial concrete maintenance.

How Much Maintenance Does It Need?

Concrete maintenance isn't just about dealing with damage; you want to increase its lifespan, keep it safe, and maintain its aesthetics at the same time.

This is done through preventative measures.  Prevent stains, damage, or heavy debris build-up

with regular maintenance.

What Kind of Maintenance Needs to Be Completed?

It’s important to power wash to clear away any excess build-ups, giving you a clean slate to see if any major issues, like holes, cracks, and joints need to be dealt with. Once the cleaning and any repairs are completed, resealing the surface is recommended for longevity and durability.

Cleaning and Preservation Tips

Prevention is the best method to keeping the concrete protected, and our expert's top tips include:

Limit Parking on the Site

While you can't always avoid it, avoid parking oversized or heavier commercial vehicles on the concrete. Their weight will put extra strain on the material, so if they can park on the street instead, this will help.

Watch Out for De-Icers

De-icers can also be damaging, especially because they can harm your concrete once the ice melts and refreezes. Using alternative products like sand for traction control will remove the risk of wearing down the surface and keep harmful products out of the environment.

Stay on Top of Oil Spills

Oil is notorious for breaking havoc on concrete floors and can ruin any protective finishes or sealants you have applied. Using stain remove agents or blotting them out with a towel, then combining this with a commercial degreaser can usually get the job done.

If you are dealing with stubborn or old stains that won't budge, you may have to invest in a professional cleaning company.

Use Proper Care When Cleaning

When it's time to do an annual cleaning, several concrete cleaners are on the market, from dish soap to manufacturer-recommended concrete cleaners. One of the biggest recommendations when cleaning it is to use around 3000 PSI on your pressure sprayer and keep the tip two to three feet from the area where you're cleaning to help avoid damaging it.

Residential and Commercial Concrete Solutions in the Twin Cities

Laying down concrete is no small task, and it makes sense to schedule regular maintenance to help preserve it for as long as possible. From stamped to commercial driveways, the Creative Concrete team has been in the business for over 20 years, and we can offer versatile and stylish solutions to enhance any residential or commercial space.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, call our New Brighton office at 612-414-7932, or you can request a quote online, and we'll get back to you shortly.