Working with concrete is much more complex than tossing and dumping a mix into a frame. The consistency of it matters, for one. So do the tools used to get the job done.

Proper knowledge of these tools is essential to creating a sturdy, solid structure, especially when working with the immense power that a concrete saw can harness.

Learn more about this job essential from Creative Concrete, an experienced concrete company in New Brighton, Minnesota.

What Is Concrete Saw Cutting?

It's just as its name implies: Using a concrete saw to cut concrete.

Such saws are specially made for this purpose, and they use either diamond composite or corundum blades, as The Family Handyman explains. They're also expensive, as many powerful tools are, and require finesse and expert knowledge, as any tool of that level does.

While corundum blades might be much more affordable, diamond blades are often preferred for professional residential concrete contractors, as they last much longer than their corundum counterparts.

Why Is Saw Cutting Important for Concrete?

Concrete can be poured into any shape imaginable, so why do specialized machines need to cut it? It's a valid question!

The purpose of saw cutting is to create control joints. These divots in the concrete help control where cracking occurs due to shrinkage.

Cracking is to be expected at some point with this substance. Control joints can help direct such cracks so the structure lasts as long as possible while maintaining its intended good looks.

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