At Creative Concrete, we know that not all concrete mixes are created equally. Though they may use some of the same components—aggregates and cement, for example—the industry has placed such a high value on innovation that there are now seemingly countless separate types, some better suited for certain projects over others.

Such is the case with air-entrained concrete. It’s a specially-made mix that can help a project to shine. Creative Concrete, your New Brighton decorative concrete experts, has the scoop on this unique species of concrete below.

What Is Air-Entrained Concrete?

Simply put, it’s concrete that contains tiny pockets of air throughout. Strategically placed, these tiny pockets of air provide room for any water that seeps into the concrete to expand when it freezes, thus reducing strain on the structure as a whole, according to the Portland Cement Association. Aside from its improved freeze-thaw resistance, air-entrained concrete also can demonstrate easier workability and strength against scaling.

All of these bonuses make it a popularly chosen substance for work in cold climates, which are subject to finicky weather patterns and intense freeze-thaw cycles. Can you say Minnesota?

Air-Entrained Concrete Requires Tact to Get Right

Indeed, small amounts of air in your concrete driveway or concrete garage can serve to augment its durability and weather-resistance—but the keywords here are small amounts. Too much air in a concrete structure comprises the structure’s physical strength thanks to said structure’s lack of substance.

According to an article provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, air in concrete should be kept above 6 percent but below a little above 12 percent, should it be used in a given project. This ensures that the substance maintains its structural integrity while also providing all of its aforementioned benefits.

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