As summer kicks into gear, prepare for heat—on both your skin and your feet! While concrete tends to me much cooler than asphalt, anything left in the heat of the full sun is bound to warm up a bit, and if you’re concerned about your bare soles’ comfort on your concrete patio, there’s no shame in wanting to cool things down a bit.

Read on for some comfort-boosting tips from Creative Concrete, your New Brighton stamped concrete patio pros.

Shade is Your Best Friend

It might seem obvious, but sometimes it’s the most workable solutions that are right under your nose. Putting your concrete in even partial shade will help keep it significantly cooler and more comfortable to walk on. While it may be a challenge in some ways, as you obviously can’t move concrete, there are plenty of ways to cast some much-needed shadow on your patio, including

●        Large potted plants

●        An awning

●        A patio umbrella

Shade is an affordable cooling solution for all sorts of budgets, so don’t be afraid to shop around and find the option that works best for you.

Use Furniture to Make a Foot-Friendly Patio Space

With low couches or chairs, your feet are left in prolonged contact with your concrete. Even if it isn’t hot in any sense of the word, this can be uncomfortable!

Luckily, you’re just a few tall bar stools or swinging benches away from relief. A new patio centerpiece can be just what you need to keep you cool this summer—and to make your concrete patio look cool, too.

Try a Rug for a Regal Flair

Rugs aren’t just for your hallways anymore! They can pull double-duty as rich, eye-catching sideshows to the main attraction that is your decorative concrete. Just be sure to rotate the rug’s location every now and again to prevent colored stamped concrete from fading unevenly.

Avoid Using Water

While many people might advise you to hose off your concrete to keep it cool, as a local concrete company, we’re here to say: don’t! It’s a huge waste of water, for one; if practiced regularly, you’ll no doubt notice a spike in your bills. Secondly, it only fixes the heat issue for so long, making it a huge pain to keep up with. You’re far better off using one of the aforementioned solutions instead.

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