Are you aware that concrete comes in far more colors than simple matte gray? If not, let our team at Creative Concrete, a New Brighton concrete company, introduce you to a wild world of countless possibilities!

These days, concrete can be made in a variety of colors, from terra-cotta brown to rich brick-red to an understated-yet-rustic buff. Concrete can also be made to mimic anything from stone pavers to Belgian slate with an innovative stamping process. This type of imprinted concrete is known, fittingly, as stamped concrete.

Why Personalize Concrete?

Now that we’ve opened your eyes a bit to the possibilities of custom concrete, you may be wondering why you should bother personalizing your concrete. Why not just leave it gray?

Whether you’d like to go completely out of the box with your new concrete or are just looking for a subtle touch of style, there are many reasons to personalize your concrete. Here are just a few:

Gray Doesn’t Match Every Exterior

While it can be a solid choice for some houses, plain, solid gray concrete doesn’t complement every exterior. Changing the color of your concrete allows you to create a pleasing color palette.

If you’re happy with the natural color of concrete but want to add a “wow” factor, we can imprint a molded image into the surface of the concrete as it dries. Stamped concrete comes in a variety of styles and is one of the most popular trends in residential concrete. Some styles of stamped concrete are designed to mimic other materials, such as wood or European fan pavers.

Personalized Concrete Adds Something Extra

A plain old traditional concrete driveway or patio can certainly refresh your home and boost curb appeal, but adding a personal touch to the concrete really makes a statement. Like decorating the interior when you first move in, personalized concrete can help make your house feel more like a home.

It’s Both Stylish and Functional

Solid gray concrete does its job just fine, but why not get something more from your concrete project? When you opt for personalized concrete, you’re investing in both function and style for your home.

Are There Risks to Personalizing Concrete?

Not if you choose a well-informed local concrete contractor! According to The Concrete Network, there are cases where it’s actually stronger than standard concrete; in fact, it cites stamped concrete as “one of the most durable and long lasting paving materials available.”

Just like any paving material, though, stamped concrete does have maintenance requirements. You risk premature aging of any exterior fixture if you don’t properly take care of it; it’s inescapable. Luckily, we’ve written tons of blogs on how to care for your investment so that you can get the most out of it. Check out “Top Three Winter Concrete Maintenance Tips” if you are preparing for the cold season, or “How to Remove an Oil Stain From Your Concrete Driveway or Garage” if you are dealing with that type of unfortunate accident.

What Design Is Right for Me?

Of course, if you are choosing to customize, that opens up a whole new world of cosmetic possibilities—and a whole bunch of additional decisions you’ll need to make about your project. Stamped concrete can be made in a huge variety of colors, as we cover in our blog on the topic. It’s also quite the chameleon in terms of texture, able to mimic expensive and high-maintenance materials such as wood and slate.

This does tend to complicate projects a bit. What color would best fit? What about texture?

It can be as overwhelming as it is exciting, but the right local concrete contractor will help you navigate. In fact, input from professionals is critical when it comes to decorative concrete; they not only are informed about a given project’s physical constraints, but also what will make that project shine cosmetically. They’ll also make sure you don’t end up with something you regret, so don’t hesitate to bounce ideas off of your chosen team!


Our team would be privileged to brainstorm with you about your new concrete project. Let’s discover together what concrete type would be the perfect fit for your home! To get a free quote for your project, connect with us online or call now at 612-414-7932.