If you have questions about driveway borders, Creative Concrete has answers. As a residential concrete contractor, we understand the benefits of installing a driveway border around your driveway, as well as who the renovation might be a good fit for.

While you can always seek personalized help by contacting our New Brighton team, below we discuss a few benefits of laying a border around your driveway, be that driveway concrete or otherwise.

Stamped Concrete Borders Look Amazing

Concrete driveway borders look amazing! When you contact the professionals at Creative Concrete, you’ll be introduced to seemingly endless colors and textures for concrete driveway borders. No matter what kind of statement you want to make with the exterior of your home, we’re here to help.

Stamped Concrete Borders Are Budget-Friendly and Practical

Concrete is by far the superior driveway option, as we detail in our concrete driveway blog on the subject. However, it’s the truth that not all homeowners are always in a position to replace their driveway. If they already have a concrete driveway, too, there’s no sense in replacing a perfectly good-looking and well-working one before its time is up.

Concrete driveway borders are an elegant home upgrade that doesn’t break the bank, making them a great consideration for a homeowner in the former situation.

Stamped Concrete Borders Keep Your Lawn Green

It might seem a little counterintuitive that concrete helps keep your lawn green, but hear us out for a moment. A concrete driveway border can serve the same purpose visually for drivers as do painted lines on the road. It lets them know that they’re steering too close to somewhere they shouldn’t be—in this case, the yard—which in turn makes them correct their course.

Driving on the grass isn’t something to be shrugged off; in the right circumstances, it can be downright dangerous if you’re looking to keep things lush. According to Gecko Green, a Texas lawn company, driving on the lawn too frequently can cause something known as compaction.

Compaction occurs when the pore space—the small vacant spaces present in soil—are squashed, resulting in the grass being unable to absorb oxygen and nutrients, which, in turn, leads to a patchy-looking lawn. By protecting your turf with a concrete driveway border, you can ensure healthy soil and, thus, a lusher front yard.

Concrete Driveway Borders Complete the Look of Some Types of Stamped Concrete

While certain types of stamped concrete driveways can look fine on their own, others need an edge in the form of another type of concrete if they are to appear complete. 

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