When most people think of concrete, they think of one color: white.

Indeed, traditional and old-school concrete tends to be this singular, drab color, so we don't blame you for having preconceptions! However, in this modern day and age, you're not limited to white when it comes to your concrete amenities, like your pool deck, patio, or garage floor. Your concrete can now come in color!

Why, though? If you're of the practical sort, you might ask yourself this. Why bother with adding color to the concrete if the end product is exactly the same: sturdy, weather-resistant, and long-lasting? Creative Concrete, a New Brighton local concrete company, has the answers below.

If you've been set on your next concrete structure being white, perhaps we can open your eyes to a few new and vibrant possibilities!

Benefits of Adding Color to Concrete

Of course, white concrete can be a perfectly fine choice for homes and businesses alike. It's a neutral, safe color that fits many architectural styles. However, it never hurts to explore your possibilities when adding color.

Decorative stamped concrete from Creative Concrete is available in a wide variety of colors, from rusty red to muted gold. Check out our gallery to see them all!

As for the rationale behind adding color to your concrete, doing so can offer many benefits.

Make the Project Feel Like Yours

Because white concrete can be extremely versatile, it is a common choice. Adding color to your concrete allows you to dive in and create a project that's truly your own. Our team at Creative Concrete would be happy to help with this process.

Add a Bit of Market Value to Your Home

When mixed and stamped correctly, colorful concrete doesn't even have to look like standard concrete. It can easily imitate wood, Riverstone, or even Belgium slate!

This can give your home or business a luxe look, which could potentially allow it to sell for more, should you choose to go that route.

Express Yourself

What do you want others to think while driving or walking past your house? Colorful concrete stands out and creates an impression.

With such wide varieties available, you can create a perfectly unique aesthetic for your home or business, which expresses your personality or brand to the world.

Hide Blemishes

Stains and blemishes will happen over time, and whether you're dealing with oil spots, cracks, or any other damage, coloring the concrete can hide them more easily.

Areas like garages and parking lots will be more prone to stains and marks, so one way to make them less visible is by infusing some darker hues to help with the blending.

Break Up Large Sections

The fact is large areas of the same color or plain concrete can come off as dull looking. Design experts and property owners typically will break up the spaces using different textures and colors placed next to each other.

If you have distinct sections in the room, adding concrete color can offer a beautiful aesthetic you will love.

3 Options for Coloring Concrete

Stains, dyes, and dry shake color are three primary ways to get color into the concrete. Let’s go over the differences.

1. Integral Concrete Color

Integral concrete color is the best way to go for decorative concrete. The color is mixed into the concrete at the concrete plant. This way, the color is consistent throughout the thickness of the concrete.

2. Concrete Stain

Concrete stains are a specialized color that helps produce amazing shades and tints while enhancing the strength of the concrete. They are designed to self-react in the concrete, creating a permanent shade and giving you a large array of colors and tints to choose from.

3. Dry-Shake Color

Dry-shake hardeners are powder products applied on fresh concrete or with a wet surface, followed by stamping into the surface.

Dry shake hardeners are used when you need more control over the final color because they sit on the concrete surface, producing a gleaming and polished finish.

Curious About Colorful Concrete? Creative Concrete Is Here!

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