The concrete company has finished work, all the proper fees are paid, and you’re left to fully enjoy your new concrete patio. What a rush! If you hired Creative Concrete as your concrete contractor, the brand new feature to your home looks amazing.

Of course, your new purchase of a work of stamped concrete art was an investment; you’re no doubt aware of that fact. You want to keep it looking sharp and pristine for years to come. 

The good news is that concrete patios can be incredibly long lasting with the proper care and maintenance. What does that entail? Creative Concrete, a residential concrete contractor, explains below.

Why Does Concrete Need Maintenance in the First Place?

Concrete products, like almost all investments we take on in life, won’t look or perform at their best if they aren’t taken care of. Concrete patios are often exposed to high degrees of foot traffic, as well as left to weather the elements year-round. 

If it seems like your concrete patio will be constantly under siege, don’t worry; it’s some tough and forgiving stuff. Just take your maintenance seriously and you’ll be fine.

With that, onto the practical advice!

Seal Your Decorative Concrete Regularly

Every concrete patio Creative Concrete pours is given a protective coating when it was first constructed to save it from the wrath of nature. However, this coating doesn’t last forever, and a worn-out concrete sealing job is a recipe for cracks and stains. Talk to your concrete contractor and get their recommendation for how often you should reseal your concrete; they’ll be able to offer individualized advice.

If you’re looking to save some cash, you can do this project yourself! We discuss how on our local concrete contractor blog, both in terms of traditional concrete and stamped concrete, as they require different types of care. The type of sealant you use will also affect the process, as will the brand of that sealant; if you’re ever unsure of how to go about things, check in with a reputable concrete company such as Creative Concrete for some pointers.

Keep Standing Water Off of the Patio

Standing water anywhere poses more problems than you might think. If left long enough, it can degrade the structural integrity of your concrete patio, which leaves it vulnerable to surface deterioration. Though, since you can’t control the snow, do your best to remove all of the snow, otherwise it is best to not remove any of it.

Stop Scraping Where you Can

Of course, concrete is tough; there’s a reason you chose it as the perfect material for your patio, after all. However, like any material, the protective coating is vulnerable to scraping. Use only plastic tipped shovels to remove snow off your stamped concrete patio. Also, put protective caps or glides on patio furniture to minimize damage.

Winterization is Paramount

Minnesota is a tough state to live in as far as weather goes, and fewer seasons are tougher here than winter. That’s true for your concrete, too. It’s easy to track damaging de-icers from the sidewalk onto the patio, for one. Unpredictable freeze-thaw cycles also are common, which wreak havoc on poorly cared-for concrete. 

Bob Vila, a trusted home advice resource, puts it this way: “Unless it has been sealed, concrete is porous—meaning, of course, that it’s not impervious to moisture. In warm weather, excess rainwater or dew caught in concrete can readily evaporate, but when temps dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit that moisture freezes and expands. The movement caused by temperature fluctuations can result in cracks in concrete.”

That’s why, before the winter season hits, you’ll need to prepare your patio for it. Luckily, we’ve written an entire blog on the subject to help you stay ahead of the game.

Be Careful With Your Power Washer

When used conscientiously, power washers can be a powerful part of your concrete care routine. When misused, however, they can outright wreak havoc on it, and it’s also not a quick fix for every concrete problem out there. So before taking it to your concrete patio for some spring cleaning, consult our residential concrete contractor blog to learn the ins and outs of this tool. 


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