Pouring concrete correctly is no simple feat. There’s a reason, after all, that under Minnesota law, all concrete contractors (commercial concrete contractors and residential concrete contractors alike) must hold special licensure with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. Some other types of commercial construction firms only need to register!

Knowing why you should hire a professional for your concrete installation project is one thing. Figuring out which design company suits the needs of your project best, though, is another.

If you’re wondering how to spot a great concrete design company, Creative Concrete, a local concrete company near you, has a few pointers.

Is the Company Licensed?

Always verify if the company you’re about to hire is fully licensed and insured. Avoid costly mistakes or shoddy workmanship by knowing that the concrete company uses only skilled and trained contractors and subcontractors.

Do They Have the Designs You Want?

Along with checking on a company’s licenses, view their work to see the quality of their finished products and the design options they have available. Check if they’ve completed projects similar to yours in size, scope, and style to help you know if they are suitable for your project.

If you can go to a physical site to see their work, like a neighbor’s or a local business, that can give you a good idea of what you can expect from the company. Otherwise, view the portfolio or gallery on their website to see their colors and patterns, find stamped concrete inspiration, and discover what looks you like best.

Are They Well Reviewed?

Read through the reviews or ask the company to provide you with recent references to give you a better understanding of what it’s like to work with this company. Try to find out what former clients have said about a company’s timeliness, preciseness of their estimates, quality of their work, professionalism on the job, etc.

Do They Provide Accurate and Fair Estimates?

Research and compare pricing for concrete companies in your area. It’s a good idea to go into a consultation with an awareness of how much a slab or foundation of concrete might cost.

Any company you work with should be able to offer you an honest estimate for your project and deliver on it accurately.

Do They Offer a Warranty?

Reputable concrete companies often provide a warranty or some form of guarantee to go along with their workmanship. Verify with the companies you’re researching what their guarantees are and how long they last.

Is the Company Invested in Your Project?

When consulting with a concrete contractor about your project and goals for design, the contractor should be just as invested in your project as you are.

A good contractor will ask detailed questions about the scope and vision of your project, prepare expectations upfront, and create an accurate estimate and schedule. Be wary of a company that doesn't provide any or all of this information.

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